Our Partnerships

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The International Network

The concept of the network is to create an organization that encourages technology and knowledge transfer regarding the best agricultural methods in sustainable highland development and the reduction of drug crops. This knowledge is shared with other countries in the Greater Mekong Sub-Region, e.g. the trilateral project German-Thailand-Laos. To a lesser extent, HRDI shares this knowledge with other drug-crop producing countries, such as Afghanistan and the Andean coca-producing countries in South Asia and East Africa. In the light of Thailand’s relatively developed status, and its success in meeting development challenges, Thailand offers technical cooperation. A deep and strong international network is significant for the continuously improvement of HRDI’s and the Royal Project’s success and its partners. Knowledge can be shared using a mixture of formal knowledge-distribution mechanisms and structures, e.g. an exchange of methods and tools for highland development, organizing meetings and discussion forums, training courses, exchange staff and facilitating personal contacts. Existing project have proofed the success of such networks and the advantages for each partner.