Mission and Vision

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Our Goal

Our aim is achieve that Highland people live with a sufficient income along with a better livelihood which is generated from a more environmental friendly agriculture production and a strengthened community.


- To ensure socially and environmentally sustainable highland development supporting the Royal Project’s research and development efforts and extending them to highland communities throughout the country and further, including those that Royal project activities have not previously reached.

- To develop the Royal Park Rajapruek as an internationally recognized hub of horticultural and cultural knowledge, biodiversity and high quality eco-tourism.


1. To extend and support the research and development activities of the Royal Project.

2. To support conservation and sustainable utilization of the biodiversity inherent to the Thai highlands by researching, recording, conserving and developing local knowledge.

3. To support and work with the Royal Project Foundation and related agencies in strengthening highland communities and environmental education ensuring sustainable co-existence with the environment that is in line with the philosophy of a sufficient economy.

4. To investigate, research and disseminate data and information related to highland development and to act as a research and extension coordination center.

5. To build up cooperative networks, both domestically and internationally, to exchange best practice research and development in the highlands.

6. To establish the Royal Park Rajapruek as a learning center of excellence in horticulture and biodiversity and as a tourist attraction for agriculture and culture.

The Paradigm of Sustainable Highland Development