The Royal Park Rajapruek

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Learning Center and Botanical Garden Establishing the Royal Park Rajapruek as a center for plant collection (Botanical garden) and a learning center on projects initiated by His Majesty the King. These projects are focused on horticulture, biodiversity, landscape development, medical plants and traditional health practices as well as to promote environmentally sustainable and responsible green development throughout the nation.

Exhibitions and Events Organizing and endorsing (international) conferences, meetings, exhibitions and various events to endorse His Majesty’s initiatives in improving livelihoods of the people, agriculture and biodiversity. Another aspect is the increase of a better cooperation with domestic and international agencies as well as the private sector.

Public Relations and Marketing The Royal Park Rajapruek conducts market analysis, uses proactive marketing and establishes professional networks with customers to ensure the park as an internationally recognized venue for conferences, meetings and exhibitions as well as world class agricultural and cultural tourist attraction.