Sustainable Development of the Thai Highlands

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Strengthening communities in the Royal Project areas HRDI supports Royal Project Development Centers to work cooperatively and in an integrated manner with provincial and local administrative organizations on knowledge transfer.

Extending of the Royal Project achievements into additional highland areas HRDI tries to expand and apply the knowledge to other areas to benefit the majority of rural highland communities in Thailand. This is based on the philosophy of a sufficient economy and is achieved in new project locations predominantly in remote and marginal regions.

Expansion of the operational highland area At present, operations are being conducted at 27 highland sites including villages in 22 districts in 5 provinces. The program has a target population of 44.710 people from 12.300 households.

Solve Opium Cultivation At present, operations are being conducted in highland areas involving 115 villages in 7 districts of 3 provinces. The target population is 23.585 people from 4.425 households.

Knowledge transfer and capacity building program for highland communities Disseminating knowledge gained from the Royal Project through the Mae Fah Luang Hilltribe Learning Center in cooperation with relevant local organizations in order to achieve self-reliance and upland environmental rehabilitation for highland people.

The Watershed Conservation Project as an Initiative of Her Majesty the Queen The project runs in 10 areas and includes 109 villages in 9 districts in 6 provinces. A total of 32,586 people from 7,993 households belonging to 9 different ethnic groups will benefit from the project.