Research and Development Program

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Research and development to support and extend the activities of the Royal Project HRDI enhances the continuity of the Royal Projects’ success by integrating research based on technology, environmental rehabilitation and marketing as well as conducting socio-economic investigation.

Action research to extend Royal Project’s achievements into general highland areas HRDI conducts action research that applies and test previous Royal Project results in new operational areas. A particular focus lies on restoring traditional community food banks and biodiversity. The research will involve studies, compilation and further involvement of local knowledge in order to achieve new highland environmental rehabilitation methods and community marketing systems.

Marketing and Distribution of Hill Tribe Products HRDI is responsible to support the Hill Tribes with logistical matters such as the distribution of Hill Tribe products to local and national markets, e.g. Tops Market and Tesco. This work also includes the consultation of Hill Tribes regarding a marketing strategy, OTVOP and agricultural methods. All income goes directly to the support of the Hill Tribes. There is a broad selection of Hill Tribe products such as handicrafts, agricultural products (GAP standards) and traditional gift items.

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Promotion of local and international cooperation HRDI initiates international cooperation and consultation to enhance technology and knowledge transfer. The work of the Royal Project and HRDI is the most successful of Thailand’s development projects. Thus, HRDI promotes the Royal Project and its successful replacement of opium poppy cultivation to the international community. The responsible unit of HRDI is the Department of International Cooperation. The Royal Thai government has recognized that, in the light of Thailand’s relatively developed status, and its success in meeting development challenges, Thailand should offer mutual technical cooperation to other countries and thereby help to assist in dealing with global challenges. By organizing international symposiums and training sessions for development agencies which are active in the major developing highland areas and drug-crop producing regions in the world, HRDI launches an international network for sharing knowledge and new technologies of sustainable highland development. This will lead to a continuously improvement of the techniques and methods used in various regions in the world. Therefore, international cooperation can be of mutual benefit.